Yogyakarta Indonesia Tourism has many things to offer. It has so many beautiful places that we can visit, Yogyakarta also known for its traditional dance, the art and of course the tasty food. So Many people around the world visit this wonderful Yogyakarta Indonesia tourism every year. Furthermore, this city which located at central Java Indonesia. has a very good drainage system, therefore, it never experience flooding. Furthermore, you will need more than a week to complete all the journey. The places, the food, the art, the traditional dance, and the people of Yogyakarta

The uniqueness Place of Yogyakarta Indonesia Tourism

blangkon yogyakarta indonesiaIn Yogyakarta we can find people who sell traditional items. Such as jarit, kebaya, blangkon, and batik. These traditional items worn by people from the old days. The tourists interested in knowing this traditional things. They learn the value and the history of it. Not only this city is very beautiful, but also we can find traditional and valuable values in the aspect of the people’s life.

tari serimpi yogyakarta indonesiaYogyakarta Traditional dance is one of the most famous Indonesian’s dance. Furthermore, It is very elegan and full of beauty. For example The Serimpi dance (Tari serimpi). The meaning of this dance is “in the dream world”. Uniquely, the dance will make the audience feels  they are in the dream world.  Furthermore, there are four dancers who perform this dance. Each of the dancers represents the symbol of water, fire, air and earth. Moreover the performance will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  It is a very breath taking performance. You will never regret it to watch.

There are a lot of wonderful places in Yogyakarta. Such as Taman Sari Keraton Yogyakarta, Malioboro, Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka, and Pasar Beringharjo.

Taman Sari Keraton Yogyakarta

Taman Sari Keraton Yogyakarta indonesiaTaman Sari was the garden of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace. The Sultan Hamengkubuwono I (HB I) built The Taman Sari in the year 1758-1765/9. Moreover, The Taman Sari has an artifial lake and swimming pool. In addition, It has so many trees that give fresh air. This was the place where The Sultan had a vacation with his family. The Sultan also like to hunt deer at this Taman Sari. Sometimes, Sultan watched the performance of Javanese Dance such as Tari Serimpi and tarian Klasik Bedoyo at this park.

Malioboro Yogyakarta Indonesia Tourism

malioboro yogyakarta indonesiaMalioboro is a name of a street. The first big hotel in Yogyakarta was built in 1908. It was Grand Hotel de Djokdja. This street is famous among tourists around the world.So many people from around the world visit this city. Therefore, there are lot of new hotels and motels built in this city. Malioboro street becomes market place at noon. The local people sell different kind of items such as handicraft, T Shirt, Batik, Blangkon etc. The price is very cheap as long as we can make a bargain. More than 1000 street vendors selling their items at Malioboro Street.

Gembira Loka Zoo Yogyakarta Indonesia Tourism

gembira loka zoo yogyakarta indonesiaLoka means Place, Gembira means Happy. This zoo was built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX. The King kept their animal at Bonraja. He wanted Bonraja become a public zoo. Therefore, they built Gembira Loka. There were 100 animals at that time. At first the local people gave this zoo several leopards. Nowadays, Gembira Loka zoo has a complete collections of animals. This zoo definitely is one of the place you have to visit.

Pasar Beringharjo

Pasar Beringharjo Yogyakarta indonesiaBeringharjo Market used to be banyan forest. in 1758, Then the local people use this place as a market. In 24 march 1925, The Keraton Yogyakarta built an even better market place. Sultan Hamengku Buwono VIII gives the name of Beringharjo. Furthermore, He choose the name Beringharjo since the tree symbols greatness and shelter. Harjo means good life so Beringharjo means the place for people to make money.  Hopefully they will have a good life. We can find many things in this market. From fabric, herbs, antiques, batik etc.

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Various Flavors of Yogyakarta Indonesia Tourism Cuisine

Gudeg Yogyakarta

Gudeg Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has delicious food. Furthermore, Most of tourists love Yogyakarta’s food.  It is sweet and not too spicy such as Gudeg Yogyakarta. This food use young jackfruit cooked with chicken, and some spice. Gudeg is so famous that we can find so many places sell this food. You can either find it in a big expensive restaurants or at the traditional market. Then, Gudeg becomes the identity of Yogyakarta.  Gudeg Yogyakarta.

Sate Klathak

Sate Klathak Yogyakarta

Satay Klatak is goat satay. This is one of Yogyakarta’s famous food. They use young goat because the meat of a young goat is tender and easy to chew. However, The meat cut into cubes. They use iron stick for the skewers. In addition, they do not use too much spicy for the meat.  They serve the satay with Gulai sauce…very yummy..

Yangko Yogyakarta

Yangko yogyakarta

Yangko is Yogjakarta traditional food. The main ingredient of this food is glutinious rice flour. Moreover, The shape of Yangko is square. It is coated with glutinious flour. Moreover the texture of Yangko is chewy and it taste sweet. The feeling of this cake is the mixture of chooped peanuts and palm sugar.

Cilok Gajahan Yogyakarta

Cilok Gajahan YogyakartaCilok Gajahan is a popular food from Yogyakarta. However, the food actualy comes from West Java. But then this food becomes popular in Yogyakarta.

Cenil Yogyakarta

Cenil YogyakartaCenil is snack from Yogyakarta. They use casava starch for the ingredient. Moreover, the shape of the snack is small round or square. Then, the snack is colored in different kind of colors. They serve  cenil with grated coconut and sugar

Bakmi Nyemek Yogyakarta

Bakmi Yogyakarta is noodle cooked with spices. Moreover, It taste sweet and tasty. Then, You can also find the other form of Bakmi Yogyakarta. It is Bakmie Nyemek. They put  soup in the bakmie so the  bakmie becomes thick and the taste is deliciuos.

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