Semarang Indonesia is a place where you can find old historical buildings. Furthermore, Semarang is the capital city of central java, Indonesia. As one of the biggest city in Indonesia, Semarang  Indonesia has a large number of populatiton. Furthermore, this city becomes a metropolitan city and a big city marked by the appearance of several skyscrapers. However, Semarang  Indonesia is a city full of historical buildings. This buildings use as tourism destinations. Since the buildings are old but well maintained by the regional government. Moreover this bulidings are the perfect spot for you to take pictures, a very instagramable places. Furthermore, there are many tourism destination at Semarang Indonesia. Such as Lawang Sewu, Kota Lama Semarang, Setasiun Semarang Tawang, Simpang Lima, Kampung Pelangi and many more.

Lawang Sewu at Semarang Indonesia

lawang sewu semarang indonesia

Lawang Sewu is a historical building located at Bundaran Tugu Muda (Wilheminaplein) Semarang. It used to be the office of Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or NIS. The name of the the building is Lawang Sewu given by the local people. It is because this building has a lot of doors. However, the number of the doors is not 1000. Furthermore, it has many windows. The windows are wide and high, the local people considers these windows as doors. Because of its athmosphere which is old and quiet, people make horor movies at this place.

Kota Lama Semarang

kota lama semarang

Kota Lama Semarang was a trading center in 19-20 century. There were a castle built by the Deutch government named Vijhoek. This castle is to protect the people and the region. there are three doors at the castle. These doors are connected with a street. The name of the street is Heeren Straat ( Let. Jend. Soeprapto ). One of the location of the castle’s door which still exists is Berok Bridge or De Zuider Por. The area of Kota Lama is 31 hectare. The other name of Kota Lama Semarang is Outstadt. “Little Netherland” is the other name of Kota Lama. There were 50 old buildings at this area. The buildings’ characters are european 1700s style. The big size of the doors and the windows, the using of colorful window glass, the unique roof shape and the basement.

Stasiun Semarang Tawang

Stasiun Tawang

Stasiun Semarang Tawang is a railway station. The location of the Stasiun Semarang Tawang is near to the Kota Lama Tourism destination and Johar Market. Furthermore, It was open for the first time in 1873. But then this station closed due to the flood. However, in 1911, Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Matschappij reopen the station. They rebuilt this station on 29 April 1911. The building of the station is completed on June 1st 1914.

This station is the largest station in central Java. Moreover, the name Tawang is taken from the name of a village near the station, The Tawangsari Village.

Simpang Lima at Semarang Indonesia

simpang lima semarang

Simpang Lima is a spacious space. Furthermore it is the place for the people of Semarang doing their relaxing activities. Such as sport, or just walking around with family and friends. Moreover the other name for Simpang Lima is Lapangan Pancasila.This spacious space, Simpang Lima is the meeting point of five streets. Furthermore, there are many hotels and shopping center around the streets. However, you will see many people doing exersice on Monday morning at Simpang Lima. Moreover, There are music consert or firework party during the new year celebration at Simpang Lima.

Kampung Pelangi Semarang Indonesia

kampung pelangi semarang

Kampung Pelangi or Rainbow village is a village. The location of this village is near Semarang river. This village used to be a very poor village. And then the village people paint their house wall with the color of rainbow. Their house becomes colorfull and instagramable. Furthermore this attract the tourist come to this village.

The location of this Natural Tourism place is at Krajan,Banyukuning, Semarang, Central Java. Furthermore, you can enjoy the facilities for relaxation such as hammock, bubble tent, and air balloon. There are many instagrathamable spot that you will love. in addition, this place is far from the bussy city. It is a good place to enjoy your vacation with your family.

Vanaprastha Gedong Songo Park

Vanaprastha Gedong Songo Park

The location of this park is near to Ayana Gedong Songo. It is located at Candi Gedong Songo, Krajan, Semarang. In addition, This place gives you the beautiful view of pine forest.

Sam Po Kong Pagoda

sam po kong pagoda

This tourism destination gives you an interesting photographic spot. Moreover, They also rent chinese outfit for the tourists. The tourists can take a picture in this chinese outfit. The location of this Pagoda is at Simongan Street, Bongsari West Semarang.

Avalokitesvara Pagoda

Avalokitesvara Pagoda

This Pagoda was built in 1955. Furthermore, It is a 7 storey building. The height of this Pagoda is around 45 meter. There is four statue of Dewi Kwan Im. She is a goddess.

Umbul Sido Mukti Cafe

Umbul Sido Mukti Cafe

The cafe’s location is near the Ungaran Mountain. Furthermore, you will enjoy the mountain view and the cold weather. Not only you can relax and drink a cup of nice coffe, you can also enjoy the amazing view of the mountain.

Pasar Semawis

Pasar semawis

Semawis Market is a night market. The location of Semawis Market is at Semarang Chinatown area. The first idea to make this Semawis Market is to revive the old city of Semarang. This market opens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Furthermore, you will find different kind of Semarang’s traditional food. Such as soto, peanut porridge, gimbal tofu, chicken rice etc, planet banana. Plenet banana is a famous food from Semarang. They use kepok banana and different kind of topping. First they burned down the banana, and then push the banana into flat banana. Moreover they put some topping on the banana and finally they pile up the bananas into one like a sandwich.

Semarang is a historical city. Not only you can enjoy the beauty of the old and historical buildings, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of every tourism spot. Come, enjoy and visit Semarang.