Pasar Bringharjo is a traditional market in Yogyakarta Indonesia. The location of this market is near to the famous street Malioboro. When you visit Yogyakarta, you have to visit this market. This market is the centre of economic activities for hundred of years.
Bringharjo was banyans forest. In 1758, the local people use this place as a traditional market. Hundreds of years later, The Sultan built permanent market. Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX gave the name Beringharjo which means the place (the banyan tree) which can give shelter to the trader. Hopefully, the trader will have a good life from his selling.

Food sector at Pasar Bringharjo

You will find jajanan pasar at Beringharjo. Furthermore, Jajanan is the traditional food from Java. The location of this traditional food is at the front part of the market and the back part of it. Moreover, Some of the traditional food are es dawet. This es dawet is drinks made of coconut milk with palm sugar and dawet. Furthermore, sego empal, sego means rice and empal is fried meat. Then, the meat seasones with Indonesians spices. Moreover, we have gado-gado, it is vegetable with peanut salad. Moreover, you can also eat Kere satay. However, Kere satay use cow fat for the satay. There are more traditional Indonesian food that you can have at this market.

Batik Bringharjo

batik pasar beringharjo yogyakarta

Batik is the traditional fabric from Indonesia. The fabric paints with a special color media called malam. People love the design of the painting. It is very Indonesian. Beringharjo market is the best place to buy batik. It has a complete batik colection. Furthermore, you can find the cheaper one to the expensive one. You can even buy clothes made from batik. Moreover, Beringharjo market also sell blangkon. It is Javanese hat made from batik. This hat has a very special design. It is different from the hat that is used by western people.

Jamu Pasar Bringharjo

jamu pasar bringharjo yogyakarta

The second floor of Bringharjo market sells Jamu. Jamu is herbal for medication. In this secton, you will find tumeric, ginger, temulawak, rock stone. Local people use this items for medication or mix this herb with coffee.


antiques pasar bringharjo

On the third floor, you will find the antique stores. They sell old typewriter, old shoes, old clothes etc. Of course with a very cheap price. However, you have to be very careful when you buy old things, sometimes it is not as good aas we thought.

Officially, the market close at 17.00 pm, But then the market still full of people selling food until midnight. You can find martabak, terang bulan, klepon, gudeg and many more. All of them are the traditional food of Indonesia. Therefore, come and visit Indonesia. You will love the traditional food of Indonesia.

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