Manado Indonesia and its surroundings offer an exciting vacation experience. Its beautiful nature both land and underwater will make a traveler fall in love. The location of Manado Indonesia is at Sulawesi Island. Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi. Futhermore, Manado Indonesia best known for the underwater tourism Taman Laut Bunaken. Moreover, many tourists from around the world love to dive or snorkeling in this beach. However, the land tourism also offer exciting vacation experience. You can visit Tangkoko research station, Gunung Tumpa, Temple Ban Hin Kiong and many more beautiful places at Manado Indonesia.

Taman Laut Bunaken Manado Indonesia

taman laut bunaken manado-indonesia

The location of Bunaken Island is at the Manado Bay. Next to The Old Manado island, The Siladen Island and The Mantihage Island. If you want to go to Bunaken Manado, At first you have to go to Manado harbour named The Marina Park. It takes 10 minutes to the harbour from Manado city. Then, you can rent a boat to take you to the island of Bunaken. Bunaken is famous for the underwater tourism. There are many different kind of fish at Bunaken sea. In addition, the coral at Bunaken is well protected by the local people. Therefore, you will see a lot of fish with the beautiful coral. You will be amazed by the underwater view.

There are thousands of fish species in this Taman Laut. And dozens of coral in the depth of the ocean. Moreover, the coral has different kind of sizes. This underwater tourism attracts many tourists every year. Many tourists fall in love with the beauty of this Taman Laut Bunaken. Furthermore, Bunaken is known for its sea biodiversity in the world. Moreover, You will find sharks, marlin, tuna, snapper, grouper, barracuda, napoleon, angel fish, turtle, mandarin fish, sea horse, stingray, octopus and many more.

Malalayang Beach Manado

malalayang beach manado indonesia

If you want to enjoy the beach tourism with low cost, you can visit the Malalayang Beach. You don’t have to rent a boat. However, you just have to rent a diving equipment, if you want to go underwater. Moreover, the underwater’s view is magnificent that you will enjoy every minute of it. In addition, you can see some fish that you rarely found here. The Malalayang Beach Manado is the first tourism city you must visit. It is near to the Manado city yet it is cheap and beautiful.

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Tumpa Mountain

tumpa mountain manado indonesia

Tumpa Mountain is located at North Sulawesi. Furthermore, it is a small mountain. Furthermore, for you who like to mountain climbing, this is the right mountain for you. This mountain is not too high, only 750 meter above sea level. In addition, this mountain is a protected forest. This forest filled with many exotic flora and fauna. Furthermore, The local people plant coconut tree at this moountain.

Tangkoko National Park Manado Indonesia

tangkoko national park

Tangkoko Batu Angus is a nature preserve mountain. The location of Tangkoko Bitung Batu Angus is at Bitung city, North Sulawesi. Furthermore, there are two tourism park in this mountain, Taman Wisata Batu Putih and Taman Wisata Alam Batuangus. Moreover, you can find many rare animals at this park. It is a very big forest with a lot of flora and fauna. This place is good to educate your children about animals and plants. Moreover, the ticket to enter this Tangkoko National Park is very cheap.

Tunan Waterfall

Tunan Watrefall

The location of Tunan waterfall Manado is in the village of Talawan, District Dimembe, North Minahasa regency. To visit this Tunan Waterfall, you can use your car or rent it. However, you can also use the public transportation. Furthermore, You can do swimming, and enjoying the fresh splash of the waterfall stream. However, you have to be careful with the slippery rocks. In addition the pool has a depth of about 1.5 meters. This Tunan waterfalfall is a very great place to relax and have a good time with family.

Paal Beach Manado Indonesia

Paal Beach Manado

The location of Paal beach Manado is at Marinsow Village, Likupang Timur, Minahasa Utara. This beach is famous for its white sand and clean beach. Furthermore, The regional government and local people built gazebos along side at the Paal Beach Sulawesi. The tourists who want to use the gazebo can rent it. However, It takes 2 hours journey from Manado to Paal Beach.

Boulevard Area

Boulevard area food center

Boulevard Area used to be a place for small traders and caffes sell their traditional Manado food. Furthermore, the food sell on a food carts along side of the beach. At night, this place full of people who are looking for the best food in Manado.

Temple Ban Hin Kiong Manado

Klenteng Ban Hin Kiong

Ban Hin Kiong consists of three words : “Ban” means many, “Hin” means abundant blessing, and “Kiong” means palace. Therefore, Ban Hin Kiong means A Palace who give abundant blessing. Furthermore this temple is the oldest Temple in Manado. It was built in 1819. This Temple was first built using bamboo. Moreover, If you want to visit this temple, you can use public transportation, mikrolet or bus. However, you can rent cars or motorcycle too.

Ban Hin Kiong Temple Manado is a very unique design temple. It is Using the classical chinese architecture. Furthermore, the decoration is very attractive and elegant. Moreover, You will find a couple of lion statue at the front door. In addition, there is a couple of dragon wrapped around the klenteng’s pillar. However, you can only enter the klenteng through the side door. Since they open the front door for the special occasion only.

Those are the 8 Indonesian magnificent tourism in Manado. You will be astonished with the underwater tourism, since they are very beautiful and amazing. Moreover you will have a relax and fun time with your family enjoying the land tourism. Moreover, You can also educate your children by visiting Tongkoko park. And don’t forget about Manado’s traditional food. They are very delicious and unique. Therefore, not only Manado is beautiful for the beaches, but also the mountain and the food.

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