Legian Beach Bali is located stretching from Kuta to the north. The place offers very easy access to shopping at the shops and bars around it with a more relaxed atmosphere. Interestingly the area north of Legian is bordered by Seminyak which offers a more lively atmosphere and surfing on a popular beach.

Legian Beach Bali

Legian Beach Bali

The most popular stretch of Legian Beach Bali is at the bottom of Jalan Padma, often called Padma Beach. The atmosphere is more relaxed than Kuta Beach. have a better and less crowded surfing spot. Legian is home to many traders who sell beer under the umbrella. There is also an easy and inexpensive parking lot here.

Legian Beach Bali hotel

Legian is a small area stretching from Jalan Melasti to the north of Jalan Arjuna (better known as Jalan Double Six) where Seminyak began. Most hotels in Legian are very popular because they are so close to the beach. The whole of Legian is no bigger than a few blocks in a big city, but despite its small size, this area has a very large profile of visitors because the front is a beautiful beach. Here also is mushrooming middle class hotels.

There is a long north-south road between the seaside hotel and the beach, which is only open to official vehicles when ceremonies are held. Otherwise, this is a well-paved footpath, and makes an excellent walking route, allowing users to take a leisurely stroll along the beach to restaurants, bars and nightclubs on Double Six Beach.

The main road is Jalan Legian which is very traffic jam. All roads leading to the beach go west, more or less perpendicular to Jalan Legian.