Banda Aceh Indonesia is the capital city of Aceh province. The city has become the center of economical, political, social and culture growth. Moreover, It is also well known of its natural beauty. Banda Aceh Indonesia is famous for its beautiful beaches, cultures, and traditional food which attract people. Furthermore,Banda Aceh Indonesia also gives you remarkabale architecture. Banda Aceh Indonesia has wonderful places to be explored. In 2004, the devastating tsunami hit the province. It took over 200.000 people lives. The effect has destroyed the buildings, insfrastructure, and tourist destinations. However, now, the city has gain its strength again.

Tsunami Museum at Banda Aceh Indonesia

One of the places that you have to visit is The Tsunami Museum. In 26 December 2004, earthquake and tsunami struck Aceh. Over 200.000 people lost their lives and many injured. The Museum build as a memorial of the catastrophe. Moreover, it helps to educate people about tsunami. You can feel the fear and desperation at that time. The museum is also a symbol of hope for the people. Inside the place, you can see the ruins from the aftermath. Flags from each country also displayed as symbols of their help. The museum is located in Sultan Iskandar Muda Street no. 3, Baiturahman, Banda Aceh.

Lhoknga Beach

The second place is Lhoknga beach. Lhoknga beach is located near the capital city. It is only 22 km away from the city. This is the tourist destination that you must visit. We can do water sport such as kite boarding and surfing. The waves is quite rough. It has few pintpoints for surfing. The height is about 2 meters high. For you who loves to surf, this place is perfect. Not only that, it is a wonderful place to see the sunset with love ones.

Lampuk Beach

Not too far from Lhoknga Beach, there is Lampuuk beach. Its beauty is suprisingly takes a lot of people attention. Whitesand and clear water with a long coastline captivate your eyes. You can play banana boat, surfing and do sunbathing. As a choice, you can explore every area along the coastline. Your kids can play with sand beach. There are many food stalls around. Treat yourself with various dishes from the sea. Grilled fish is one of the best menus. They also serve fresh coconut ice to consume while enjoying the sunset. The next place is Blang Kolam Waterfall. Blang Kolam Waterfall is located in Sidomulyo village, north Aceh. It takes less than an hour from the capital city. The waterfall is about 75 meters high. The place is surrounded with natural beauty of nature. You can feel the fresh air. The pleasing sound of waterfall fascinates you. Many food stalls are available for when the hunger comes.

Suhom Waterfall at Banda Aceh Indonesia

Next destination is Suhom waterfall. It is in Suhom village, Aceh Besar. The waterfall is located in the middle of Lhoong forest. In fact, to get here, we need more effort. The road is quite extreme and steep. Therefore, you have to be careful. Overall, everything is worth it. The sound of beautiful waterfall sooths you. In here, you can swim or enjoy the fresh water. The place surrounds with durian trees. So, when the season has come, you can buy one. In addition, there is a camping area near waterfall. You can feel close with nature a bit longer.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

After the Waterfall you can visit Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is located in capital city of Banda Aceh. It was built in 1612, the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda. It covers with artistic touches. The Mosque is a landmark of the city. Before visiting the mosque, make sure to wear appropriate clothes. In addition, the main building of mosque is surrounded with 7pillars. You will feel peaceful when step inside it. Fortunately, the mosque survived from tsunami disaster in 2004. The building has become the shelter for hundreds of people.

Sarang Cave at Banda Aceh Indonesia

Sarang cave is located in Kaluang island. The stunning view will amaze you right away. How cave wall stood perfectly stunning in front of you. Along with the clear blue water and dense forest above it. Before arrived, you will feel the real adventure. Uneven road with steep cliff beside you. However, I prefer you to rent a motorcycle. So, you can go there easily.

Kuala Merisi Beach

Another worth to visit place is Kuala Merisi Beach. Kuala Merisi beach is located in Ketapang, Krueng Sabee. This beach meets Indian Ocean. The beach has white sand and long coastline. Unlike the other beaches, the waves is gentle and calm. It is a perfect place to bring your kids. They can play with water and beach sand. On the other hand, you can enjoy the cooling breeze. It takes about 3 hours from Banda Aceh. Visiting hours last at 6 p.m.

Weh Island

The last in this list is Weh Island. Weh Island is located in northern most part of Sumatra Island. It is known as the underwater paradise. An exotic paradise for every divers. This island is located in Andaman sea. Snorkelling and diving are most favorite tourist activity here. Healty coral reaf and crystal clear water mesmerize you. They also known of large various species of fish. You
can find angel fish, parrot fish, lion fish, red fish sailfin tang. Therefore, Indonesia Government has turned the island as nature preserve. Many tourist will come again after travel in here. To get here, you can go by ferry. The ticket price is also cheap. In addition, there are some places for you to stay overnight. They offer you several accomodation for different budget. You can easily
find small shop and souvenir shop as well.

Those are some of the amazing places Aceh has offer to you. Thus, it will be wonderful yet challenging experince that you have in here. Do not hesitate to come back for another trip. If you get lost, the local people will be glad to help you.