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TravelTourismIndonesia.com is a blog about tourism in Indonesia. It is the dictionary of Indonesia tourism. You can find many information about Indonesia tourism in this blog. Indonesia is an acrchipelago country in Southeast Asia. It has 17,504 large and small islands. Around 6,000 of which are uninhabited. This country has five big islands; Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Papua. Furthermore, Indonesia has more than 1340 ethnicities. Each of the ethnicities has different custom, language, and culture.


Indonesia has many ethnicities. Furthermore, according Badan Pusat Statistik Indonesia, we have more than 300 ethnicities. In addition, precisely there are 1340 ethnicities in Indonesia. It spreads from Sabang to Merauke. However, every ethnicity has its own culture, language, and food. Moreover,these things attracts tourists to visit Indonesia. For example the traditional javanese dance. Many tourists around the world fall in love with Javanese dance. They even decided to stay and learn javanese dance at Yogyakarta. Not only tourists can enjoy the culture, they can also enjoy Indonesia’s delicious food.

Archipelago country

Indonesia is an archipelago country. It has 17,504 large and small island. There are five big islands in Indonesia. We have a lot of beaches. Bali for example, there are 164 beaches in Bali. Not only beaches Indonesia also known for its mountain view. For your information, Indonesia has 103 mountains. You can see The green view of the mountain, the villages and the ricefield along the side road. Furthermore, People who needs a relax and calm athmosphere, they can visit the mountain or the beach.

As an archipelago country, Indonesia has many beautiful beaches and mountains. Furthermore, Indonesia have 1340 ethnitcities, it has many different kinds of language, food, culture, customs etc. Moreover Many tourists from around the world who like to surf or diving, they will choose Indonesia.